Pet Hydrotherapy insurance in Spain.

Hydrotherapy has become increasing popular in treating animals and helping them recover from accidents and injuries. Understanding hydrotherapy is a specialised field and our pet business insurance will provide that liability cover needed for your peace of mind.

These Hydrotherapy and physiotherapist policies are specialised to suit your needs, so this type of therapy can be added to an existing policy, or as a stand-alone policy if this is all you do.

Protectapet have been specialising in Pet, dog, cat and horse insurance for 20 years in Spain and are the only pet healthcare management organisation company that will cover many of the different types of liability and business insurance to protect you and our business. Talk to the experts, our advice if free and confidential.


Protectapet have teamed up with our sister company below to provide our clients with a whole range of other insurance products so our customers can benefit from the same amazing customer service that our Protectapet clients have been receiving for the past 20 Years. try them out and see for yourself, they will give you current advice and many products that are new on the market. 

So, if you are looking to save a bit more money, click on the image below and they will provide you with information on the insurance you require, how much it will cost and what you can do to save even more money on combining t¡your general insurance. 

Hydrotherapist insurance in Spain

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