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The advantages of the fixed premiums for life on your pet insurance.

What is meant by premiums fixed for life?      

What is a lifetime pet insurance?

Can i insure a pet of any age or breed?

The advantages of the fixed premiums for life on your pet insurance.

  1. No increases in Premium – ever!
  2. You know exactly how much you will be paying each month or year.
  3. Your premium will not be affected when you make a claim.
  4. No renewals needed as the pet healthcare plan does not expire until you want to cancel it.
  5. There are no increases in premiums for older dogs to join later in life.
  6. In real terms, with Protectapet healthcare plans, the cost of your pet healthcare plan goes down each year as inflation and other base costs are not added to your existing premium.

What is meant by fixed premiums for life ?                 

Protectapet are the only Pet Healthcare Company that can offer you fixed premiums for life. This means that your premiums remain the same throughout the lifetime of your pet provided you keep the policy in force. They will never go up regardless of the number of claims you make.

You can also take advantage of our easy payment plans that allows for monthly payments.

Why can’t other pet insurance companies offer fixed premiums for life?

Insurance companies that provide pet insurance don’t want to cover any breed of dog over the age of 8 or 9, as the risk of you making a claim is very high. If they were to fix the premiums, they can’t increase your pet insurance renewal each year or when you make a claim.

Protectapet healthcare plans have fixed premiums for life. They do not go up as your dog gets older or when you make a claim. It also means that you can save money over time as inflation and other criteria create increases for Pet insurance companies, as they have shareholders and investors needs to meet that may require higher profit margins. Hence your premiums will go up each year.


What does ¨lifetime ¨Pet insurance mean?

A lifetime policy is designed to cover your pet for any chronic (a long-lasting condition, usually longer than a year) during the pet’s lifetime.  Some pets might be refused for a pre-existing medical condition or when they reach a certain age and are considered expensive.

What is a ¨lifetime¨pet insurance premium?

A lifetime insurance premium is to try and make you believe that the premiums are fixed. They are not. What they mean is that as your pet gets older the risk of them becoming ill increases dramatically, just like humans, and so they need to increase the cost of your pet insurance to cover that risk.

Do ¨lifetime¨ pet insurance premiums go up with age?

Yes, they do! that increase is applied each year at renewal, so by the time your pet is 7 years old or more, your premiums can and will likely be more than double or treble what you were paying when you first took out their policy.

Do pet insurance premiums go up every year?

Not with Protectapet! We offer fixed premiums for life so that your premium will never go up. All other pet insurance companies set a base rate at the start of your policy, and every year as the pet ages, the base rate increases so your premiums will always go up. Most Pet Insurance companies rely on being able to increase your premiums each year to increase their profits.

What are the disadvantages of ¨lifetime¨ pet insurance?

A lifetime pet insurance policy can be very expensive unless it has a fixed premium for life. All they are trying to do here is get you to pay a much higher premium for repetitive cover each year.

If your pet does develop an ongoing condition that requires regular treatment, you will have no choice but to stay with pet insurance provider, year after year, to benefit from this type of cover.

Do ¨lifetime Policies¨cover pre-exisiting conditions? 

Some of these ¨lifetime¨ policies do have age conditions and will not cover any pre-existing conditions that your pet may have had previously, and the cover may be very limiting.

Cover for ¨lifetime ¨pet insurance is high compared to other pet insurance policies. Once you reach the annual or per condition limit, you will have to pay for any remaining treatment yourself, which really defeats the object of ¨lifetime ¨pet cover. You will have to stay with the same pet insurance provider to get these benefits and that can get very expensive. The policy price for ¨lifetime¨ pet insurance is not fixed for future years and your premiums are virtually guaranteed to increase year on year as your pet gets older.

The only Pet Healthcare company offering fixed premiums for life, regardless of the age or breed of your pet is Protectapet. Remember, all other pet insurance companies will also penalise and increase your starting premiums for any type of dog classified as dangerous, and for those susceptible to common diseases or are more than a year old and from then on, will increase your premiums every year, even if you haven't made a claim. 


Can I insure my pet (cat or dog) at any age?

Yes! Protectapet will provide pet healthcare plans for any age of cat or dog over the age of 8 weeks, regardless of the breed and that applies to dangerous breeds too.

Most other pet insurance companies will not cover cats or dogs over the age of 8 unless they have been insured with them for a period of 2-3 years prior to that age.  Most pet insurance providers, particularly UK pet insurance companies will add an additional 20% excess when you claim, on top of their original fixed excess charge that they make on all claims.  They like to make you believe that this helps them keep premiums affordable for older pets. –  by charging you more. – we are still trying to work this one out.


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