About Us

Protectapet Health Management, The European Pet Healthcare Management Organisation, S.L. is a Limited Company based in Spain.

Protectapet Health Management provides you with Comprehensive Pet Health Management and was introduced by Wayne Massingham in 1999 when he discovered that Spain did not have a plan for Expatriates living abroad. As Spain’s leading Pet provider for Expatriates in Spain, with European cover, Protectapet Health Management plan have been specifically tailored to suit the needs of your pets in Spain and Europe.

Wayne Massingham has spent many years in Spain within the General Health Management field and as a Financial Consultant. Although he still continues with the Financial Consultancy, he now devotes his efforts to the improvement and public awareness of Protectapet and to the welfare of animals.

During the 1990’s pet transportation and quarantine rules made it very difficult for expatriate’s to bring their pets to Spain, as many people did not always reside in Spain, only to be presented with long quarantine periods for their pets upon return to the UK. Inevitably, few foreigners would bring their pets to Spain and the demand for Pet Health Management was relatively low. As Spain became more integrated within the European Union, freedom of movement of pets became easier and the demand for Pet Health Management has grown.

"Protection for your pet wherever you are" is the slogan chosen to reflect the comprehensive cover available and with modern technology, this new, fully integrated website, plans to bring to you all the benefits any pet owner may need to purchase a plan, check plans on line, locate a vet in your area, search for breeders, buy and sell pets and products on line, find local groomers, kennels and catteries and provide as much detail for you of these services, just to make your life as a pet owner as happy and easy as possible.